What you will learn:

Go from zero to investing with this investing 101 course, plus a Q&A answering all your burning questions.

  • the fundamentals of investing in shares

  • how investing in shares actually works

  • what asset allocation is

  • what investing options are available to you

  • how to invest in ETFs

  • how shares become part of your wealth building strategy

  • much more!

Presented by Glen James

Former financial adviser, author and host of the 'the is money' podcast.

Glen James

Glen is a former financial adviser, author of Sort Your Money Out & Get Invested, and host of the 'this is money' podcast. With a touch of humour, Glen loves to make the seemingly complicated simple, providing infotainment to help listeners manage their money and live life on their own terms. He has a tendency to drink lots of great coffee, speak his mind, disagree with the majority but always stay focused on listener's money stories changing for the better.

Course curriculum